Kemmel Scopim - JBanana and JSenna - Project Leader

Kemmel has been developing in Java since 1997. Kemmel holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect-I
Sun Certified Java Developer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Sun Certified Business Component Developer
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Sun Certified Java Instructor

Curriculum Vitae

Sandro Bihaiko - JBanana and JSenna - Project Leader

Sandro trabalha com TI desde 1991 e atualmente é consultor da empresa Lemmek Informática. Utiliza Java desde a versão Beta 2. Tem atuado fortemente com a comunidade de Software Livre Brasileira. Palestrante de renome nos principais eventos de tecnologia. Também é um dos criadores do Projeto Open Source JBanana e do projeto JSenna. Curriculum Vitae

Cleber Willian - Webmaster / Webdesigner

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz - English Translator

Experienced developer on Clipper/FlagShip, PHP, Delphi, Visual Basic, Shell scripting, Javascript, C/C++ and beginner on Java and ColdFusion. Currently working as Senior Support Analyst intensively in the *nix area (Linux mainly, but also BSDs, SCO, HP-UX, AIX) and developing with PHP+MySQL/Postgres. Eventually teacher and lecturer. Exchange student to the U.S.A (1999-2000) and actually Computer Science student. Also collaborates with projects pro free software, as translator and others. Cyclades and Conectiva certified, among other certifications :)

Fabrice PIERRE - French Translator

I'm a French engineer in information technologies & robotics. I've been working as a consultant on software analysis, development and management for 5 years (VB - PowerBuilder - C++ / Sybase - Oracle). I'm working since 2001 as a project manager (java / Oracle / OpenSource tools) for a French Firm. I translate projects from English to French for SF for one year. I'm a runner (10k-Marathon).

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